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Minister Resigns - Chris Robertshaw "The Enforcer"


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I was never an admirer of Robertshaw but what he said in his resignation note makes complete sense. However, it does show a degree of naivete to believe that things were going to change for the better with Ministers not looking to constantly build their own empires at the expense of everyone else, including the Manx taxpayer!


Naive it may have been but without doubt it was the right way to go. He was appointed to drive through essential changes but defeated by the very people he was attempting to change. Bell's alleged absence may well have had an impact but, whatever the reason, this is a severe blow to the island and leaves us with a real danger of merely carrying on as before with no proper sense of direction or purpose.


He may not be everyone's cup of tea but we need people of his calibre if we are to stand any chance of working our way out of the mire.

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What sort of person resigns totally out of the blue like that?


He is in public office and doing a responsible job. A minister of our Parliament. There's no place for petulance and pique. It seems that he didn't get his way on Thursday's Council of Ministers meeting and he's said the parliamentary equivalent of "fuck you then"


I've suddenly got a whole lot more respect for some of the rest of them.

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Who is going to appoint him CM? He has publicly announced he will be happy on the back benches and wont be standing again. He has fallen out with the other Ministers and thrown his dummy out (metaphorically). The CoMin block vote, with or without the current CM, and there isn't a vacancy (is there), are hardly likely to vote for removal of AB and appointment of CR, surely?

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Time for the UK government to step in and govern directly from Westminster. The Manx government, in fact any government elected by the Manx is going to be a busted flush.



It really is game over. Apart from anything else for a nation to survive in today's world, especially one carrying all the financial baggage requires a skill set that simply can't be found on the Island amongst possible candidates and the utter disaster that Bell has created by no action or wrong action, in fact both, now can only be dealt with by heavyweights from outside. In addition it's the only way that the majority of the population could be made to face reality.

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