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Knocking down a supporting wall

Cliff Hazard

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I love these TV property programmes where the likes of Sarah Beenie goes banging her fist on a wall and because it sounds hollow, declares it is not structural and can be removed. Just like that.


It can be the case that such walls are supporting the ends of floor joists above where they span the building.


Much of building is common sense, but no more than the likes of medicine and law are common sense too.

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Paswt, what kind of tricks did they use to open the kitchen/dining room area of a Victorian property where room height differs? We're (I) have been looking to open the kitchen and dining room but there's the corridor, the stairs, the cupboard under the stairs, the room heights differ....yeah, fine like it is, it's a circle of thought.

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several victorian properties I was involved in restoring/converting in inner London had internal load bearing stud walls .

Assuming that a wall constructed of timber studs isn't load bearing is one of the biggest mistaken beliefs that many amateurs and cowboys subscribe to.


They often stupidly believe that because there is a large timber beam supporting the floor joists of the above floor that the the upright timber studs directly beneath the beam aren't contributing to the load bearing capacity.


The result of removing such a stud wall and relying solely on the timber beam to carry the above floor loads often results in sagging floor levels,doors frames going out of square and cracked plaster work in all the above bedrooms,and in extreme cases can lead to the joist ends acting as levers and bowing out the front and rear exterior walls.

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Does anybody know the rough price of knocking through an internal supporting wall, installing an RSJ and making good? I'm not sure yet if it's Manx stone or brick, I imagine it would cost a bit more on labour if it is Manx stone.


many thanks




It will cost you £3,541.00 + 5% VAT assuming others do the redecoration works.

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