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We're back!

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The Manxforums discussion board has been unavailable since the 26th of February. This was due to a storage issue putting the server in a nonrecoverable state.

I've restored the last off-site backup from around 4 weeks ago to a new server and that is what you're viewing now.

For now I have decided to restore access to the community and continue to attempt recovery of more recent topics and posts in the background.

There will be some tweaks needed for the software to function as it once was, so please let me know about any bugs.

I'll keep you posted on progress and thank you for your patience.

A very tired Uni



I managed to recover the forum back to the day it crashed - enjoy!

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Thanks UniSol. I don't think some members understand that this isn't your, or our, full time job, maintaining hardware and software, and moderating. They don't seem to realise that it is something we do in spare time, around our paid jobs, and at our expense.

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