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If you've got complaints about the station...just wait till you see the new trams.     This one's the new (MLCs only) dining tram.

Due to open March 23rd is Islands latest example of chronic incompetence and massive waste of public funds   If this were a competition then Laxey Station would not even be in the top ten of embarra

We import them, like the granite. How Longworth is still in a job I will never know, my left testicle knows more about how to run the Island's transport than him.

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anyone know if the station is finished yet ready for the opening of the system (on friday ?)


I see on the webcams that they have put tarmac over the ballast around the relaid rails and points at the Bungalow (now that someone gave the webcams a re-boot)

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It does look good & very well done - apart from the granite, there are endless other hard wearing wheelchair friendly surfaces they could have used which would have been much more sympathetic than imported granite, even tarmac would only have come from Stoney Mountain.

Oh and at a wild guess it will have cost at least 7 times what it should have done.

Tar lakes on Stoney Mountain. You learn something new every day,I guessbiggrin.png


They mine the Mcadam there you fool.

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