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Words of one syllable please

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My ipad is fine but someone in this house using a Sony laptop and a samsung tablet is seeing the Chinese website.

Please could I have instructions on how to sort this, in words of one syllable, or near enough? Please don't point me to other threads, one is inhabited by nut jobs (and the other one I can't find). The tinfoil thread doesn't explain it anyway. :D . Ta.

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We think it's a DNS issue. If you can't find a way to flush the DNS on a specific device, the good news is that it should eventually right itself as that's how DNS works. That assumes the rogue element has already been removed.


You can mess around with hard coding HOST files or swapping DNS providers if you want, but it does seem like the problem is now melting away so the best thing to do is wait it out.

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Google (ie switched back to Manx from the Chinesse around 10.30am - usually Google is one of the fastest responders to DNS changes - however somewhat worrying as the DNS mechanism could easily (maybe it did ?)link to a site pushing out malware and for those on windoze with automatic acceptance of Javascript ...


ETA something did however worry me - viewing as is my wont with noscript banning most javascript I saw empty blocks (which would be populated by the script) however at bottom of page was a © manxforums notice - I also think there was some redirect going on as initially a brief flash of what appeared to be Manx forums header was very quickly replaced by the Chinese - something a bit deeper than DNS poisoning was involved

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