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Undemocratic Farce !


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The undemocratic farce that is Leg-Co continues on unabated.

Listening to this on Tynwald live makes even more of a case for the total abolishment of this so called Upper Chamber.

Failed MHK's club it most certainly is and a total insult to the Manx electorate.

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I'm not in favour of scrapping the LegCo. I think the problem is with its composition and the way its members are elected rather than with its actual existence. As I've said before, the upper chamber can be a needful balance in the system. It is supposed to stand apart from electoral politics and consider legislation with a cool head. It's meant to act partly as an independent check against the Keys putting through contentious or problematic legislation.


The trouble at the moment is that the upper chamber is mostly made up of former members of the Keys, elected by their old chums from the lower house. It defeats its purpose. What is needed is a new method of electing members of the LegCo.

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The only thing that matters to any of them is their substantial monthly stipend at the expense of the taxpayer's of this impoverished Island.

They will live in luxury whilst the minions live in penury

You think so? To quote Eddie Teare: "You wouldn't do this for the money."

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