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Undemocratic Farce !


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I don't fully understand what the issue is with local property owning companies paying 20% tax. I need to pay 20% tax on the income I obtain from the property I rent out. I'm not sure what is issue is with others doing the same?


But you could say that for any business at all. An accountant, a shopkeeper. Anything.


In any case, a shareholder will pay 20% on the distribution income from a limited company.


In fact, I'll take it from the horses mouth. Eddie Teare says it will make no difference to anyone as it is only a matter of timing as to when the tax is paid. So in other words, Eddie Teare has managed to find £3million from nowhere. Everyone a winner.


Which is a bit like Tony Brown declaring the New Hospital "didn't cost the taxpayer a penny". Because it was paid for out of the National Insirance fund.



Is it, that if they were charged 20% they would bugger off?


After all, they're hardly here for the weather.

It depends on who you mean. A limited company with say 2 or 3 flats? Not everyone who has a limited company is rubbing shoulders with Dan Tynan and Seamus Nugent you know.




So what's the issue then?


Clearly we are not going to get a flood of property sales on island because they need to pay tax at 20% now rather than later. And in reality with deductable allowances/expenses the net effect is less anyway.


Ok, ok, the actual issue isn't about the property tax (that can wait, or can be continued in perhaps an existing thread).


The actual issue of this thread is how can a man be elected OUT of the House of Keys BY the House of Keys to do a job that is supposed to SCRUTINISE the House of Keys and yet, as a Member of the Legislative Council, continue to do the job as a political member...but even then get elected OFF the Legislative Council (ostensibly a job that is a revising chamber) BY the House of Keys and yet be requested by the Minister of the Treasury to continue doing the job.


Allow me a wee swearie: WTF?


If this isn't a cast iron example to show that the current function of the Legislative Council is a joke - a highly expensive joke at that - then nothing is. It is also a shameful example that Minister Teare and his bossman Chief Minister Allan Bell (who appoints the members of Departments) have stuck two big fat fingers up to the principle of democracy and the people of the Isle of Man.


And that includes you and me.


Karran the leading reformer in the political system on the Isle of Man yet again is blocked by the establishment, as they continue to protect the interests of the few.

A forensic examination over the last thirty years of our parlimentary records will show an Executive that has continually denied to reform our systems of government as to do so would deny the few to prosper over the majority. Our children and future generations will reap the harvest of degenerate ruling class.

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The whole system needs an urgent rethink with now the local authourities becoming bogged down by stupid and not thought through policies.

Another chance to cut some of the bloat by reducing the numbers of councilors is being ignored, if these people made themselves ineligable for office then just let them stand down and save money, but no we will have yet another expensive set of by-elections to ensure the bloat continues, as with the legislative council it is high time the numbers of councillors was considerably reduced, along with the number of councils/commissioners.

The Island is awash with politicians, arguably the most over governed (per head of population) in the western world all leeching of the breasts of the dwindling tax payers.

This is a situation that has gotten totally out of hand and needs to be curtailed very soon.whatever.gif

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Time to refresh this topic I feel, once again the un-elected have overturned the will of the elected who apart from 6 (usual suspects I assume ) voted in favour of paying for parking in central Douglas.

How many times can these self serving leeches prevent reforms going through the Keys ?

Abolish Leg-Co and abolish it now.

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I could not agree more.

Heard this on the news just now. Looks like they've been nobbled ( how ? ) by the CS, who certainly don't want to pay for parking - that's for plebs surely ... sigh ....

Why was it a matter for a Tynwald vote anyway ? Or was that just a way of kicking into the long grass, hopefully never to emerge.

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I don't fully understand why it needs any MLC intervention.


We are not talking about significant law changes here. I'm not even sure it needs an MHK vote. It should be down to Government to collectively (all departments impacted) set the motion to Tynwald for ratification only. Not to opine on it and vote.


It is genuinely staggering that MLC's continue to cost us the neck end of £1m a year yet on the face of it seem to do nothing except protect their own interests. It's fucking disgraceful.


And the worst thing is that they are actually untouchable.

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The Manx Radio clip is a bit out of context, but a good 'un nonetheless. I think at the time there was going to be a vote as to whether or not to amend the wording or do more (long grass) research.


Mrs Beecroft brought a motion regarding this to Tynwald in July, but it was voted to bring the proposal back in October for debate. It is worth a quick read of this item, as it describes quite nicely how Tynwald turned on Kate Beecroft to the extent that she left the chamber for a short while.


And there was Corkish, up in his safe side seat doing the job of Statler and Waldorf. shouting his usual inane nonsense.

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