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Hill Street Police Raid

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Snaipyr: Work Permits: It is not a disgrace. The Island chose this path. When the UK wanted to join "Europe" the Isle of Man did not want to join the Single Market which is the free movement of people, capital and services. Neither did it want to be under the Common Agricultural Policy at a time when so many MHKs were farmers and wanted to control their own freebies.

This was before the Finance Sector and there were few jobs. The Island wished to retain work permits. The Island's position and that of the Channel Islands was holding things up so the negotiators came up with a document called Protocol 3.


This Protocol contains an artificial definition of a "Manxman" purely for now EU purposes. So a Manxman by definition would be someone British by way their association with the Island with themselves and all four grandparents born, registered, naturalised or adopted on the Isle of Man. Lose one of those and you are not a Manxman (Not the same as Manx by the way) for the purposes of "Europe"


Protocol 3 requires the Island to treat all equally so if a work permit is required of say a German it must equally apply to all others including British from the UK. The Island is not allowed to pick and choose. The return match was that those defined as "Manxmen" would and are not allowed to benefit from the Single Market and thus do not enjoy the right of "Establishment" within the now EU save in the UK.


Basically this means tit for tat. A "Manxman" defined by the Protocol does not have the automatic right to work, own a business, be a director or self-employed in the EU outside of the UK. This is because the Island requires people to have work permits or rather employs a work permit system. It is not impossible but like non-IOM Workers on the Island a Manxman needs to ask permission within the EU save inside the UK.


These "Manxmen" are the ones with that stamp in the passport and they are dying off rapidly. One factor is that a Manxman defined by the Protocol who spends three years ordinarily resident in the UK for five years then gains the right of Establishment in the EU...Their sins if you like are forgiven! The stamp in the passport need no longer apply. So if you are a "Manxman" as defined and leave the Island and say live and work five years "across" then you cease to be a Manxman for the purposes of Protocol 3.


The Island's changing population means that fewer and fewer people are affected by that stamp in the passport.


The "Manx" are most of them British citizens and the so called Manx passport (I have one) is a British Islands passport issued locally (But made in the UK) It is still a British passport. It comes via the Lt Governor.


It is however also a European Union passport and the possibly redundant factor about Protocol 3 is that it limits a certain number of British citizens aka "Manxmen" (Not Manx) from free access under the Single Market. And yet in recent times we have all been "granted" EU Citizenship as an adjunct but not replacing our main citizenship or nationality. The rules is that you are an EU Citizen if you are a citizen of an EU member state. Well "Manxman" and "the Manx" with British or British Islands passports are just that...so why are they still not allowed the right of Establishment?


No one knows and no one cares! The Island even signed the Maastrict Treaty under Sir Miles Walker and that began the first stage by way of a notional EU citizenship. (Article 8 if I recall)


When it came to elections to the Keys some candidates gave their citizenship or nationality as Manx but this was not allowed as there is no such thing...Thus a local law was passed to make stating "Manx" OK for those completing forms necessary to stand for the House of Keys.


The "Manxman" definition under Protocol 3 is for EU purposes and not to be confused with any Island definition of who is Manx...


I write this from memory without looking anything up but it has been done to death over the years.

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People are free to post whatever they like, so long as they provide me or Unisol with names, addresses and proof of identity so I know exactly who and where to send the FCU when they come knocking.

If it was someone from Pully their names, addresses and the name of the family cat would be in the paper, Manx Mafia again.

Always the same, bash the rich, bash the ones who own companies, employ people, pay a lot more tax than your average person....but it's still not enough.The reason it's not enough is government itself

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Correction" It should state above that a Manxman who spends five years ordinarily resident in the UK ceases to be a Manxman as defined by Protocol 3 and thus loses "that stamp" in their passport and can thus have the right of Establishment or free movement within the EU..Although from what people tell me you have to apply to have a new passport made up without "that Stamp"

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Looks like Barry has become the defacto legal expert on this forum.


Except he's often wrong


I have the stamp in my passport - I have no right of employment or abode in the EU - I don't have 4 Manx grandparents

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In accordance with internet forum laws, can we do the Hitler bit now, get it out the way and then go back on topic?

hitler visited the island when living in liverpool apparently.....



Apparently, he ate my hamster just before he bombed our chips, cheese and gravy shop.




Here is Article 6 of Protocol 3 to the UK's Act of Accession.


My italicasionised emboldening



Article 6
In this protocol, Channel Islander or Manxman shall mean any citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies who holds that citizenship by virtue of the fact that he, a parent or grandparent was born, adopted, naturalised or registered in the Island in question; but such a person shall not for this purpose be regarded as a Channel Islander or Manxman if he, a parent or grandparent was born, adopted, or naturalised or registered in the United Kingdom. Nor shall he be so regarded if he has at any time been ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom for five years. The administrative arrangements necessary to identify those persons will be notified to the Commission




Source Tynwald Companion 2011, which contains lots of interesting bed time reading



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Will the Hill Street raids do anything to tackle the amount of dog poop on our streets? I bet it doesn't.


I rang the MEA to find out and they said they 'didn't know what the f**k I was going on about'. Definitely a conspiracy there.

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