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Hill Street Police Raid

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And in the Midst of it all, David Cretney gets voted in as "Supreme Ruler of Mann" and the forums lose half a dozen posters as their heads simultaneously explode

Better him than the lunatic King David from the states...


Hah, hah, I'd forgotten about David Howe HRH Prince Davi D the King of Mann

<Gasp> That's my King you're talking about! As his First Knight he might insist I challenge you to something jousty, between him fitting windscreens or whatnot.


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People are free to post whatever they like, so long as they provide me or Unisol with names, addresses and proof of identity so I know exactly who and where to send the FCU when they come knocking.

If it was someone from Pully their names, addresses and the name of the family cat would be in the paper, Manx Mafia again.

Always the same, bash the rich, bash the ones who own companies, employ people, pay a lot more tax than your average person....but it's still not enough.The reason it's not enough is government itself

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Stu, invite our king onto Talking Heads (has he been on before?). It could be entertaining. He is not without humour:

King David’ offers Prince Charles job at tyre firm


I talked to him years ago on Mandate. There's also the prospect of a new TV series (TLC IIRC) being made about him. Nice fella, although I never got my knighthood scroll...

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