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Hill Street Police Raid

When Skies Are Grey

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1 minute ago, Roger Mexico said:

Quote from that link:

so twice that would require a pretty large one. 


You can get greater denominations than that [£50] too.

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Amended "larger" to "greater", knowing some saddo would point it out
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1 hour ago, Roger Mexico said:

No one's suggested anything of the sort.  If you read the judgment it's alleged that the money was to product of VAT fraud and other similar schemes involving NI and so on.  But there are also money laundering charges and certain types of businesses, such as travel agents, are sometimes used for that.

You haven't quoted the post I quoted, which sort of buggers up the context of what I was saying.

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1 hour ago, mojomonkey said:

The 500 euro note is the gangster note of choice, you can carry a million euros in a shoebox.

There's a Swiss 1,000 franc note, used quite widely.



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