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Flat Earth?


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I will probably regret posting this as this is a no go area for even the most die hard tin foil wearing "conspiracy theorists" out there, but I stumbled across a series of short videos on youtube, about the earth not being a globe, this was news to me here in the 21st century.


I watched all 11 short clues as he calls them and the 1 intro (below) with mocking intentions, however my attitude changed somewhat throughout the short films, and as of yet I am unable to debunk these points raised, particularly the moon landings? the GPS in the southern hemisphere is among the "clues", and the antarctic treaty.



What do you think?




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Forums can be so weird.

Not believing the Government in what they say in one hand in the local community, whilst in the other hand, believing the Government in areas we know little about.


I'm not discounting the OP's post and as far fetched as it seems based on what I've been told via school, books and whatever media outlet one could think of, but I do not trust any Government body, especially those in the US and so whether this is true or not, then I'll remain sceptical for the time being.

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The guy even admits to being a conspiracy theorist!


To take one particular point, he refers to using a map to draw a straight line between two points and comparing that with the actual route an airliner would take. The problem with that is that the map itself is flat but the Earth is a globe. A map is full of compromises to allow a globe to be draw onto a flat surface and that includes the continents being drawn disproportionately.


I really hope you are trolling and aren't as gullible as you come across. :)

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Gerry, do you know that the stars are different in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere?


Do you understand that if you want to find a particular star you have to specify your longitude and latitude so you can point your telescope in the right direction?


The charts and tables for this are publicaly available - Heaven's Above


These charts involve pretty simple trigonometry to show how the position of a star viewed from say the Island will be different from it being viewed in Australia.


You can verify them very easily - honestly you could do it yourself if you were willing to spend an hour or so with a math's teacher to understand the issues.


You could then get someone in the Southern Hemisphere to use your own calculations to go and find the star whose position you've calculated. You could be both looking at a star which is directly above the equator at the same time, but your Southern Hemisphere colleague would be pointing their telescope North and you'd be pointing it South.


You can do this consistently around the world and guess what - the simple maths based on assuming the world is a sphere can be used to locate a star pretty accurately all over the world (mountains and equatorial bulges notwithstanding).


Genuinely you should do it yourself.


I suspect you've never had the wonderful feeling of using basic principles to work something out and then gone and verified it by actually seeing if your results are as expected. That's science


You don't even need to trust the star charts - just pick a star you know - say BeetleJuice (ok Betelgeuse) and point your telescope at it. Measure the stars position in a consistent manner, then do the maths and send the result to your friend anywhere in the world, they'll point their telescope in a totally different direction to yours but see the same star (assuming it's above the horizon in both locations),


The world is a globe.


Gerry, do you think I'm trying to trick you?


Do you understand this is how astronomy and science works - by people saying something, and other people verifying it for themselves.


Google Foucault Pendulum - they've been built all over the world - even at the South Pole. Just like with astronomy you need to use the fact the world is a globe to understand how they behave.


Gerry I do say I find it very difficult to understand how you verify information.


Maybe you are just taking the piss, but anyway, I hope you can appreciate that the gentleman who made the youtube video is a nutter. There is no other way of putting this. They are credulous and refuse to use or accept very simple techniques which would show they are talking rubbish.

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