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Flat Earth?


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2 hours ago, dilligaf said:

She is not funny though

She has serious issues if what she posts is what she believes 

She would have been locked up not that long ago for the way her mind works 

DR Costain would have had a field day with her as a subject

Looks like some schools are happy to accomodate opposing views dilly


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1 hour ago, La Colombe said:
2 hours ago, dilligaf said:

I only know two poets. 

Wordsworth and Roly Drower

I prefer the latter 

You wander lonely. As a clod. 

Fuck off you sad bastard. You are missing out on real life whilst you are entrenched in your bitter mood.

 ETA If you knew the poem you would know that it is "Lowly" not "lonely" Thicko

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