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Flat Earth?


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3 hours ago, TheTeapot said:

You'll all have noticed I'm sure that after spending pages and pages calling out Chinahand over the scientific method, Paul has now shut up about it following the comprehensive demolition job China has done. I would hope that PGW will seek to post some of that info onto the Flat Earth debate LIVE!!!! pages in the future.

Clearly he done no such thing teapot!

Feel free to correct me by pointing to the bit where he demolished anything i said about how science validates things.

He thinks maths is sufficient, you obviously just believe him. I stated quite clearly the flaws in chinas approach. He ignores it, desperate to insert maths and presuppositions, into a cause and effect scenario.

I will ask you the same questuon i asked china. What does maths cause in the natural world?

Clearly you are not following the thread well enough, to make daft posts like that tp x

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I really dont see why china doesn't join the panel  see how far he gets. Use a voice changer if you need to protect your anonymity china. Its not as if they dont already know the arguments, its been goin everyday for over a year!

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On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 12:23 AM, paul's got wright said:

Blobbie. We are currently waiting for china to explain why his fairytales are really true and we should all believe them.

He is licking his wounds after the scientific method chewed up his eratosthenes story. And he showed his true lack of understanding, of how scienctific validation via hypothesis driven experiment, actually works.

At least he had a go!

you are just trolling here, as science is alien to your religious beliefs x

Did you miss this tp?

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No I din't miss it. I don't know how china has the patience. Someone called you out for 'sealioning' earlier, I have to agree. You never actually engage in anything, and certainly never answer a straight question. I'll leave you to your idiotic flat earth panel, it is where you belong.

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On Monday, November 12, 2018 at 1:43 PM, paul's got wright said:

Wrighty i didnt make any of this up mate!

Its science, you cant change it to suit yourself.

We are talking about a scientific hypotheses, which has to be tested in experiment in order for the result to have any validity. You didnt provide a valid hypotheses to test in experiment. Just redo it so we can see how far it gets through the method.

Are you saying rochester university are incorrect on the matter?

None of this has anything to do with my feelings, or yours! Its science wrighty. The independent variable IS the presumed cause in a scientific experiment. As i said the pudding is the hypothesis, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, ie; the experiment.

China and others have continually failed to grasp these basic facts about science, whilst clinging to philosophy as their evidence for a spherical earth. 

wrighty,  the independent variable is the one that the scientist must manipulate in the experiment! How can the "curvature" of the earth be an independent variable? ....it cannot.  So it would invalidate your hypothesis before even getting to experiment! This is why the whole thread is comical to me.

Most of the religious zealots in here, not you wrigthy, dont even know what science is, wouldn't know what an independent variable was if their life depended on it. The scientific method is a fantasy slayer and all their Beliefs fall at the experimental sword. Yet, on they bleat about how science has proven their beliefs! Extraordinary ignorance given the simplicity of this topic.

Maths is a language, formal science, used as an aid, to the natural sciences. Science is the study of the natural world, where experiment is king. When you use a model it means you have a limitation, or lack of validity to your original hypothesis. Models are outside the remit for scientific validation, as the citation i provided states clearly. So no, models and mathematics are not scientific validation, unless they are based on previously validated experiments. 

Einsteinian " gravity" " snapped the wand" of newtonian "gravity" and is the current accepted "science" on the matter. You have already realised by now, neither of them nor has anyone else proven "gravity" in experimental tests, with any validity. Doesnt matter who said it or how fancy it sounds, if it diasgrees with experiment then its wrong.

And once again wrighty i have to remind you, its not MY method. Its THE scientific method, and it chews fairytales up and spits them out. Thats why this thread is still goin strong 3 an a half years later x





Did you miss this as well

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On Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 11:21 PM, paul's got wright said:

Again, your disbelief is apparent china!

Its not MY template, its THEIRS!

And i reckon they know a thing or two about the scientific method. I trust them on this. I can provide you as many as you like from universities all over the world. Its THE scientific method china. Not mine. It doesn't change to suit you and your beliefs.

This is the moment all your fantasies fall to the sword of experiment. Its reiligion's nemesis and the scientific method is the only way to validate an hypothesis SCIENTIFICALLY! Its a special kind of prediction. Read the citation, grow up and accept the facts of the matter

You haven't a shred of SCIENTIFIC evidence that the earth is spinning.or spherical

Just "crazy notions" china x


Missed this as well i suppose?

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20 hours ago, TheTeapot said:

No I din't miss it. I don't know how china has the patience. Someone called you out for 'sealioning' earlier, I have to agree. You never actually engage in anything, and certainly never answer a straight question. I'll leave you to your idiotic flat earth panel, it is where you belong.


You enter nothing of substance anyway apart from trolling and clapping hands like that of a seal puppet, Its the same as the other insignificant and idiotic stupid puppeteers. 

(To others who are not puppets - I'm using language that the puppets use on a daily basis in an attempt to communicate at their sub standard trolling level)

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