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Flat Earth?


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I love this kind of thing. If you hang around on some of the fringe conspiracy areas of the internet you come across quite a few of these kind of posts, non-mainstream sort of christians, frequently obsessed with the book of Enoch. The dead sea and nag hamadi scrolls are seen as 'secret and true information' suppressed by the Catholic church, and that they as believers are in the right. Some of manxys posts have occasionally slipped into a bit of it, although that's probably from copying stuff without really paying attention. I find it fascinating.

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If you listen carefully to some of the prominent, especially American, flat earthers on youtube you can often see/hear that their religious faith in the bible underpins their belief that the earth is flat, space is fake and the moon landings were a hoax.

Sometimes it can be very subtle other times you will see them wearing a T-Shirt with a religious message on it.

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2 minutes ago, manxman1980 said:

If you listen carefully to some of the prominent, especially American, flat earthers on youtube you can often see/hear that their religious faith in the bible underpins their belief that the earth is flat, space is fake and the moon landings were a hoax.

While at the same time believing that Adam and Eve were the first humans, Noah lived til he was 900, Moses parted the Red Sea and Jesus died and then came back to life to save them.

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On 7/27/2019 at 1:13 AM, Chinahand said:
On 7/26/2019 at 11:08 AM, Chinahand said:

Paul. Hold your thumb out at arms length at eye level. Close your left eye. Look at the position of your thumb compared to the background. Now close your right eye open your left eye. Notice a change in the position of your thumb relative to the background?

Now in your universe is this a natural phenomenon? what is causing it? Can you scientifically examine it?


On 7/26/2019 at 8:28 PM, paul's got wright said:

What is the naturally observed phenomena in the cavendish dilemma you believe to be a scientific experiment?

I dont remember making a claim in relation to your question and do not see its relevence?

I am going to have a go at explaining the Cavendish experiment for you, be patient.

But firstly maybe answering my questions about your thumb and the changing view will help clarify things.  

 Do you acknowledge your thumb does change position relative to the background when you open and close your left and right eyes?

What causes this? In your understanding of science can this phenomenon be scientifically examined.

Has PGW’s suspension ended yet?

I wonder if he’ll ever answer these simple questions. 

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john you couldnt moderate a game of kids rounders. and you have previous for forgetting that the essence of moderation, is impartiality  

as last logins post, resurrected in the best little prison thread, shows.

how dare you allow bullying an intimidation of members, by way of allowing constant  probing and accusations pertaining to their personal life, then have the audacity to ban the people who stand up to it, thus removing the right of reply! roger hunt of a moderator you fella

wooley for moderator of course, as its clear you are not made for the job so to speak. banning me, having the audacity to tell me how to think when i reply to you! i really dont know who you think you are but i just treat people equally so what would i know hey? its a public forum john , not your echo chamber of pompous arrogance. you are not holier nor smarter than everyone, far  from it.

you havent got a clue when it comes to this subject, as demonstrated by the pathetic article you proffered, as though you have some kind of superior position as a contributor to the thread! you are a naive noob in this thread john,  bringing pseudoscience in an adult conversation about scientific facts.

 you have abused your trusted role as a moderator, and with that have thrown in the towel. so close the thread john you are correct, its time. you had over 4 years to prove your fundamental religious beliefs. all you have is banning people in response. the silly article you smugly and ignorantly proffered was instantly dismantled, as agreed by china. thus showing your relevance in this thread. but you havent the modesty to know when your wrong, and less knowledgeable. we all remember the mona incident well of course, where you were ill informed but just couldnt bring yourself to be honest about it, so rode through it with the usual arrogance. another terrible moderating episode we have endured. tse collared you for it on that occasion. dread to think how many more  are on the wrong end of your abusive moderating "powers"

enjoy your cult john

Warning issued by John Wright

July 27



  • Given 1 points which will never expire.
  • Restricted from posting - 14 days and 10 hours

Note for member

I posted a suggestion that you quit the low level personal attacks and name calling several days ago. You gave back sass, you’ve been warned and suspended for that in the past. Perhaps I didn’t make it clear I was posting as a moderator. So I ignored. Your childish comments today, repeated, don’t do you credit. Take a break. I’m still pondering locking the flat earth thread, as you don’t seem able to help yourself.



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41 minutes ago, Uhtred said:
45 minutes ago, Neil Down said:

This is not going to end well...for somebody


But PGW should have the right to put his point of view . I seldom agree with his views and I am guilty of mocking them, but is this banning a bit too much.

Should one be banned for questioning a mod's view.?,


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