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bugger me, OFT does something on the isle of man

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We should just get rid of them altogether. Do we really need to employ an office full of highly paid & pensioned employees just to tell us not to give £3k cash upfront to any Tom Dick or Harry who turn up at your front door in a van with English plates, informing you of an urgent problem with your roof that had until now gone unnoticed.


As if that's not bad enough they also frequently "work" for months at a time "investigating" before acting as an apologist for the Steam Racket, Manx Gas or the Oil companies, informing us that although we're paying many times more for their services than anywhere else in the developed world, they're not on the make & despite being monopolies they are not taking advantage of it!


In reality, every man women and child on the Island is well aware that they are being ass raped by all of the above and the only bent English fucker that is taking our money for doing fuck all is the fat fucker who's raking in £50K plus of our taxes for running the joke that is the OFT.

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