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Pensioners face higher travel costs

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There's a lot to be said in favour of two man busses not least a reduced time spent fannying around at bus stops while the driver does his thang. That's a cost that doesn't show up on the running costs of a bus journey but oftentimes shows up as a cost based on the time wasted by other road users being delayed.

Yes. One man doing the job of two men seems to be the opposite of government practice in most other areas.

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The problem is that we know we need cuts but we aren't getting enough of them. We are getting a plethora of increased charges seemingly without a care about how people should find the money to pay for

Cuts? What cuts? I expect better of Kate. She is just parroting the same crap as the rest of them here.   Like so many other measures, this isn't a cut. It is a charge increase. All that will happen

They all know what needs to be done but are to full of self preservation and inflated ego's to tackle it in any way whatsoever. Cut the numbers of politicians would make a great start, but I can not

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I'd love to know how much they actually expect this to raise.


I can't imagine it being more than a few thousand £ a year.


I'd also like to know what other money saving schemes they thought of.


I can imagine a 'brainstorming' meeting.


"OK lets see how we can save some money within our operations"


"Lets charge pensioners"


Is that really the best they could do?


Well one of the "money saving schemes" Alfred and Ian have introduced is the continuous and very dubious suspensions/sackings of drivers who had the temerity to strike or have disagreed with the junta.


What needs to be released to the public by either the Director of Transport, Chief Executive or Minister is the "Back Office or Running Costs" of Ticketer. We know that the procurement process was very suspicious and was apparently signed off by Robertshawe, however, if my information is correct the running costs are very high and need addressing ASAP, and there was little or no mention of these costs when Cregeen asked Tynwald for approval. despite me personally raising it with the establishment.

Cregeen - possibly not the sharpest choice of minister for the Department of Pullingthewoolovertojustifyeverytotallyunnecessaryexpense?

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Interesting to hear the Chief on MR quoting levels of fairness etc.


Well more important than Pensioners paying half fare is the following: There is a wonderful School Intergenerational Scheme that encourages 6th Form students to visit the elderly during the school day. The 6th Form volunteers used to have free travel between the school and the elderly persons location. With the introduction of Go-Cards the 6th Form students now have to pay for the travel.

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Also on MR just now somebody queried bus drivers families getting free travel. I've heard this before. Is it true or is it urban myth? Anyone know?

It is 100% true that Bus Vannin staff and partners have free travel.


So if the Director of Transport decides to pop out with his partner for a pint his partner has free travel, yet if a student volunteer chooses to visit an elderly person who hasn't had any visitors for a few days the student now has to pay for the bus.


I had this very conversation about free staff travel with Minister Gawne on Facebook and he said that this is part of the employees conditions that are very difficult to remove.

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A lot of things seem to be difficult to remove and a lot of other things seem easy. Depends who's getting the benefit.


ETA: I can understand it as it applies to drivers. I think that is traditional. But partners? Why was that ever granted in the first place?

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Mr Gawne says it came as a shock to him to be told by the public that the withdrawal of free railway travel was not announced last year and adds darkly that he'll have to have a word with Mrs Beecroft about it when she returns from sick leave. You would think that on something as important as this the minister would have known what had been announced and what had not. Very poor.

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I had this very conversation about free staff travel with Minister Gawne on Facebook and he said that this is part of the employees conditions that are very difficult to remove if you want to get re-elected.



So what! So effing what!


So it's difficult. And that means you don't have to do it or something???


Politicians are paid to do EVERYTHING that needs to be done. NOT just cherry-pick the simple and populist with one eye on their pension.


In my experience weak managers ALWAYS take the path of least resistance. The classic being when they have to divvy up the annual payrise pot - assuming such a thing exists. You could tell the path of least resistance merchants because they were the ones who always gave across the board percentage payrises. As everyone got the same these clowns would think that no-one would have cause to complain. "Job Done" sticker. Of course, the fact that they had rewarded the useless on an equal footing to the excellent seemed to pass them by. Then they wonder why their best workers leave....

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From the reaction of some correspondents on TH (e.g. "It's still free for those drawing state pension, isn't it?") I think there are going to be a few pensioners in for a shock when they present their passes on the train or tram. The news seems to be sinking in only slowly!


Headlines: Elderly Couple Stranded At Groudle After Being Kicked Off Tram!

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