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Politicians. Your Choice For The Next Crop.

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The "man who can't be named", he can magic £21m out of thin air. That's who we need.

cant remember his name but the guy who used to do the microwave cookery show seemed to have a very honest looking moustache

Yeah, "Leave your 100k managerial position plus benefits and come and run our tinpot tax haven for peanuts. We promise you won't hear a peep out of the hoi polloi."


...taxi driver

Fear not. He'll be going for the next general.


Did "The Russians" not get him then, or was it aliens?

Waste of space, just like the other 7 on Manxtrust's second list.

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I think Nigel Dobson used to post on here didn't he ? I've no idea what his politics are but he seems to know his stuff and has plenty of experience. He'd be a lot better than most of the dead wood we've got.


Lawrie Hooper is no relation to Mike Hooper.

Does he not have the same memory problems that Bill Malarkey has.

Didn't he "forget" to mention his Drink Driving arrest or conviction when he stood last time ? (or was that someone else ?)

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I would like to see Rob Callister run as an MHK.


I would make a good MHK as well. Just give me emergency powers and put me in charge of the Office of Human Resources, PLEASE. The government would be half its current size within seven working days.

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I second that motion. I think Tame Elf would make politics more entertaining and - by extension - lead to a greater voter turnout and engagement.

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...The government would be half its current size within seven working days.

Thankfully, they've made it far more difficult for people like you to get gun licences these days.



People like me don't bother with licences.

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