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It's good to see Chris and Rob commenting after being elected.

Most members could name several Local & National political members who have used Manx Forums to promote their own election campaigns and then simply vanished into distance.

Question Mr. Callister if you are elected into the House of Keys in 2016 will you continue to contribute to these forms?

The simple answer is yes, wherever possible.

However, the House of Keys are not on my radar until after 1st May 2016


You might change your mind if Mr. Quirk jumps towards LegCo next month.

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While I'm sure a lot of people watch these forums to help "take the temperature" of local feelings, you're kidding yourself if you think it represents an official form of communication that warrants a

There's a reason that Gawne gets a rough ride on here Declan. He's one of the biggest clowns in Tynwald, with one disaster after another, and he deserves all the criticism that comes his way. His 'man

You want them to provide official responses to things that "spook" (who doesn't live on the isle of man) says on an internet forum?   Well, good luck with that.

Is he likely to get more than his own vote?

He'd fuck that up.

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Spook, you are a moron. The government as a whole should not be responding to bods grumbling about shit they barely understand on facebook, forums, or anywhere else. If you have serious questions or concerns you can contact the relevant person directly, state your questions or concerns, and perhaps get an answer from them. If you don't get an answer then you can start complaining about lack of communication. Until you've done that you should stfu.


What sort of response do you imagine you're going to get on here? Are they going to admit their faults? Are they going to engage in debate with you and others daily who like to have a moan about current affairs on social media?


"Dear Mrs Joughin, we noticed your message on facebook. We agree that the amount of dog mess on the pavements is a 'disgrace to our island' and that we, the 'useless shower of shites on the gravy train,' are not doing enough to combat the problem. Please advise us on how to proceed.'

I think your having a go at SPOOK for all the wrong reasons there fella. We live in the digital age and whether a bod is grumbling online or not they may still raise valid points and are human and could be voters.


Forums, facebook etc are the modern way of communicating, look at the police on facebook for example, who would have predicted that a couple of years ago?

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Fair point Johnny but, and its a big but, is this really a place for official communication. FFS we have a twenty pager on whether the earth is flat! The place is riddled with nutters, trolls and TJ multiple identities.



ETA - not sure which of those is me!!

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Some issues, such as the Peel poisonous silt issue, IMO deserve a comment from 'A Keys Spokesman' because issues and legitimate concerns have been raised that Gawne does not appear to have addressed, and a reply that in itself would show that the message had got through to The Keys but also what if any action would be taken to address them.


The isolation between the elected representatives singly and severally and the electorate is shameful. Writing to an MHK although at times appropriste is not enough when issues such as the Peel poisonous silt are involved.


At such times communicating an issue to a number of people who might not even realised there was an issue much less the enormity of the matter is as important as a response from government to be widely communicated.


At present what we have seen amounts to little more than "this is what we're going to do now shut up" irrespective that the plans obviously have not considered all of the issues let alone dealing with them correctly.


But the Peel poisonous silt is only one matter that requires at least recognition by The Keys.


Maybe the reluctance to pick up on what happens in the UK with statements from such as 'Downing St.' or even 'A government spokesperson' and implement something along similar lines is down to cowardice out of fear of having the dictates 'from on high' being challenged and being proven to be wrong.

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