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Google? Here?

Utah 01

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Has anyone seen the interview on Manx TV in which the Google rep stated that Google was looking relocate its Europen HQ to the Island?


Mrs Utah listened and came to the same conclusion.


I'd have thought that a) this was HUGE news and b) commercially sensitive........but whatever.


Any thoughts or comments. I think this was recorded post 1 Apr.

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I think that the interviewer misunderstood. I'm pretty sure Donald's got nothing to do with google, he's not employed by google, other than having a 'trusted photographer' listing with google:




When he talks about moving HQ, I'm pretty sure he's talking about moving his own photography business here, not Google's.

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I've just rung Google to ask about any jobs here when they open their HQ.


Me- hello is that Google?

Google - how may we help you today?

Me- when you set up your HQ on the Isle of Man, got any jobs for me?

Google - Isle of where!?

Me - Man

Google - oh, yes. The place with broken boats, an airport to nowhere, sky high electricity and gas, poor roads, tax on everything, including going to the bathroom, no space big enough, and roads that are shut 4 weeks a year so no one can get to work.

Me - yes, don't forget we almost had the King's Speech, that Zac boy filmed here and we have a world class power station so you plug stuff into all our electricity.

Google - right, anything else?

Me - granite, we've got lots of granite.

Google - have they finished all the road works they were doing when we had a car over there?

Me - almost, just another 9 years left.

Me. - hello, hello, Are you there?

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