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Can you solve the maths question for Singapore schoolkids that went viral?

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Sorry chinahand. Had visitors, will ring you back shortly.

Looks to me like chinahands kitchen after he finished tiling it

Can you solve the maths question for Singapore schoolkids that went viral?

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I agree with Declan the sentence "Cherryl tells Albert and Bernard separately the month and day of her birthday respectively" is not a clear sentence.

The word respectively clarifies it. Made sense to me anyway.

That's not the unclear bit.


I read it that Albert and Bernard didn't know ought, except that the other person knew nothing either, until the girl told Albert the month and Bernard the date.


But really the Albert and Bernard's statements were made after the girl told them the info. And that changed the other's understanding.

Do you read bottom to top?

Does that post make sense to you?

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Three logicians walk into a bar.


"Do you all fancy a beer?" asks the bartender.


"I don't know" says the first logician.


"I don't know" says the second logician.


"That'll be 3 pints of beer, please" says the third logician.

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Too easy that Radio 4 one. And it gives itself away. Blah blah blah dumbing down etc smile.png

You can turn it to an example of logistic probability by asking what are the probabilities each prisoner has a red hat.


As you walk through the question the probabilities change which is a nice example of Bayesian updating.

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Two electrons go into a bar. First one says 'I'll have a beer please', second one says 'Damn, that's what I was going to have'


(For physics geeks only that one, along the lines of "An electron is driving along and is pulled over by the police. Cop says 'do you know you were doing 80mph?' Electron replies 'Shit, I'm lost now!'")

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