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Amy's in the race!


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Well Amy's reporting Live on Facebook.


"So Pat Ayres tried to start a fight with me & Kate Beecroft thinks I'm common..."


"The returning Officer removed him saying he was phoning the police..."


"What I have witnessed so far is not democracy our political situation is a disgrace. I've been pushed, intimidated and mostly by by own mhk"


See... she said it involved her.

Jesus wept, it is pure Jeremy Frigging Kyle. You just knew it would be associated with her.


However the official report says no candidates were involved.

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A Poem by Pam Ayers

Unemployment is rising in the Pully end of town
And its spreading like pneumonia
Doesn't look like going down
There's trouble at the polling station someone's had a kick
And the lads are going to launch a scheme get rid of Captain Kurt
Tell PC Flint to get himself a mate
And arm themselves with CS gas
They're gonna be out late
We've had Cretney conformism since 1986
And now subversion is in the air in the shape of Facebook likes
Someone get a message through to Captain Kurt
That theyd better start assembling the boys from the Haven
And keep Mrs Beecroft right out of sight
Cos there's gonna be a riot down in Anagh Coar tonight
All this Makarkey has really got to stop
We can overthrow the House of Keys and kidnap Eddie Teare
And Phil Gawne's Nationalists could storm Tynwald Hill
And make plans to assassinate the autocratic Bell
Windy Moffett leads her Basque-like tax inspectors to war
With misdirected emails and bombs with nails they smash the town hall door
But Amy and her electorates arrive with one big erstwhile crew
Whereupon they bring about a military coup

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See... she said it involved her.

She said the returning officer removed someone, and called the police.


The report says they are investigating an incident outside between a member of the public and a polling station agent.


The two sources seem to tally at this stage.

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This is political gold, scandal and fake tan, it get more like the pool every week.


I just want to see her get in and totally upset the apple cart, we need people who speak before they think thumbsup.gif

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Early exit polls suggest a huge Amy majority.


She is exactly what we need to make IOM politics vaguely interesting. I don't agree with her on anything at all in her manifesto. But it makes little difference when you are elected as an independent, so who gives a shit.


I am looking for out and out comedy value.


Vote Amy. Ah too late......but you get what I mean,


I will offer to her her campaign manager in 2016. Because 16 months or so just won't be long enough.....

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