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Amy's in the race!


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Malarkey 598

Burns 273

Fitton 502

Burt 198

Well I do feel sorry for Fitton as I think he would have done a better job. But 273 votes for Amy after all the nastiness and an alleged fracas by her brother at the polling station has been a huge waste of energy. The whole process has been unduly painful and has played into Malarkey's hands. All she has done is dilute Fittons vote by dragging the mental Facebook fringe away from Liberal Vannin by manufacturing ridiculous claims of bullying and anything else she can think of. Her whole campaign has been an affront to democracy and a genuine embarrassment for Manx politics. The end result is a man whose only response to a question at the Requisition Meeting was to read verbatim from a statement made by Treasury. Now there's a COMIN candidate ready and waiting. This is what you have let in as a result of your petty vanity and general Ill thought out and personally delivered brand of unpleasantness. The orchestrated online muppet show has been even more embarrassing and decisive: and it's all been for 273 votes when you have many more people than that registered on your Facebook page. Proof indeed that few people genuinely like you, or value what you have to say.

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Good measured post JA-b


But paahh! It's only a by election. Roll on 2016.

It's true. This election has been the biggest low point in Manx politics for about 40 years. Amy's whole campaign has been appalling and all to take 273 votes of either Malarkey or Fitton. It would have been worth Bill funding her just to ensure her empty headed nastiness and Liberal Vannin hatred played into his hands by taking votes off Liberal Vannin.

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