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Amy's in the race!


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The candidates are simply a reflection of the current electorate and as ever we reap what we sow.


If it's any consolation I do not see "Aimes" as a yes woman which may not be a bad thing. Too many yes men/women in politics for my taste.


The largely current crop of inept "career" politicians need a short sharp shake up. She appears as experienced and qualified in the loosest sense as the vast majority of our standing politicians so no surprise there.


Now if she possesses integrity, committed and unwavering loyalty to her constituents with real passion - qualities you cannot buy - she may possibly be the catalyst that can reverse decades of opportunist self serving advancement that has recently plagued politics on this Island.


Disclosure - I have never met her but have read the other thread in full.

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hey great thread.



This is like deja vu,why is it that South Douglas always gets chavs and deluded weirdo germans. Will have to vote for this Fitton fella as at least he is lib van so I know what he stands for, oh crap that's how I got suckered into voting for the ball bag malarkey.


You know those annoying people that chuckle over their iphones in coffe shops or in waiting areas of the airport etc.


That's me that is.

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At least it will be an alternative to the "old guard" rejects trying for a ticket on what will most likely be the last gravy train out of Trough Central.

Are you sure this isn't simply the case of a Cretney stool pigeon trying to get pushed into Keys on the back of a popularist campaign managed behind the scenes by the exact same "old guard" you despise? I'm not.
I think you might have a point, FACT has hinted at similar but seems to have no evidence to back up his claim in another thread regarding the signatures backing this candidate.
I see where you're coming from, it was suggested a few months back that Cretney's daughter might stand?

Maybe Ms Burns could be seen as a less nepotistic candidate but still be getting the backing of the South Douglas dynasty with all its connections and experience....?

Yes, Cretney will be writing her Manifesto and knocking on the doors.

I just wonder if Cretney will be sitting next to her at the Public Meetings or Radio Interviews

The media should ask Cretters if he is providing backing and support. After all he has a non political role now as an MLC - if he is getting involved in election politics and canvassing/supporting through the back door the public has a right to know.

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Joking apart, it's a piss-poor selection of candidates isn't it? Another knock for the value/credibility of Manx politics. I fear this is a portent of next September. I'm not optimistic about the likelihood of a breakthrough of quality new candyidates.

Would you stand in this vitriol filled cesspit of bitterness & character assassination?

A good and fair question. Were I a wee bit younger then yes, possibly. But I certainly take your point.

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Joking apart, it's a piss-poor selection of candidates isn't it? Another knock for the value/credibility of Manx politics. I fear this is a portent of next September. I'm not optimistic about the likelihood of a breakthrough of quality new candidates.


I agree it's not great, but whose credentials are any worse than Cretney's?

As somebody observed in another post, the fact that an elected member, in this case Cretney, is crap, doesn't legitimise the continuation of crap candidates simply as a matter of course. It cannot be refuted though that the electors of South Douglas, however lacking in credentials Cretney was/is, saw fit to keep re-electing him time after time. This must be related to his constituency performance, because his contribution at a national level, despite his decades-long Ministerial career, was non-existent. But the electoral rot doesn't stop there; despite his flagrant and disgraceful breach of protocol by passing COMIN papers to Ms Burns (which would have led to instant sacking in the UK context) his Keys colleagues still (eventually) deemed him a fit person to serve in LEGCO.


All of which highlights again several of the threads of our lamentable and frankly embarrassing governmental and parliamentary landscape. (Successfully elected) political candidates with limited intellect; low ethical standards; no convincing record of achievement in their original sphere of activity; no interest (or ability) in the national interest and with undue focus only on self-serving decisions confined to parochial, constituency crowd-pleasing, and a too-easily duped electorate seemingly willing to settle for very, very little. (As evidenced by some of the juvenile "Good for you Amy, you've been brave enough to stand, I hope you get elected" puerile tosh elsewhere in this thread). If we get the government we deserve then we are all guilty of apathy of an almost criminal level! Me included. Just take a step back, and ask yourself what quality, what genuine quality and advancement have these MHKs brought to bear:






Henderson (now MLC)





I've deliberately listed 8 because that's a third (in my view a sizable chunk) of your popularly elected parliament. I've also deliberately not included any Ministers or MLCs. Because when you start to take a look at those using the quality assessment (Crookall, Quayle anyone?...Corkish?) the scale of the issue is yet more clearly illustrated. We are allowing ourselves to be led by possibly the poorest assortment of underachievers ever to "grace" Tynwald. And it's our fault.


(Edited to correct typos).

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Okay one post in this topic and then I'm off again (haven't been on much since someone suggested they had a friend in telecoms who could access private information about forum users and use it against them in public).

Anyone who publicly supports this woman should be banned form ever criticising anyone in parliament ever again. If this is the standard of candidate you actually want, then you deserve the fucking shit you get.

and this has nothing to do with her physical appearance, gender, background, family, Facebook presence, linkedin picture or great tits, just her suitability to represent the public in Tynwald

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