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The ugly side of Manx Politics - Rob Callister

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I have worked in CSP industry since 1999, other than working for a pension firm between March 2014 and February 2015 – fact.


Or more specifically in the 'Manxtrust' industry eh Rob?


You really are just another Internet exhibitionist who gets upset when it's not all about YOU at commissioners meetings. Nobody wants to read your sad tales on Facebook about how nasty they all are to you. Largely because nobody gives a shit.


I've known of Mr. Callister for quite some time and it will not end well with him and politics. Sadly, whilst he has some qualities that could be useful in an given walk of life, he also is extremely argumentative and very much the meglomaniac.


And I don't mean this to sound nasty at all. And i'm not involved in politics in any way (before anyone thinks i'm in opposition for a seat or something).


The problem with democracy and the present MHK system is that thoroughly unsuitable people can and will be elected.





I have a feeling you play Pool & work in a Bank!


If correct, you have known me for over 25 years and you also know that I do everything possible to avoid arguments.


That said, I will not allow myself to be bullied by others.


"I have a feeling you play Pool & work in a Bank" - as Roy Walker used to say "it's a good guess but it's not right".

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Any manifesto is a singularly large waste of time without party politics and others signed up to the same aims and objectives.

That is incorrect. I, like many others, voted for him and would vote for him again. He is the best commissioner Onchan has ever had and I hope he will continue to serve the people of Onchan and the Is

yesterday ...but you dont hear me banging on about it

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I am not a sock puppet, I have been on this forum for a long time, long before you popped your head up Isaac, at least in your present form, you sound distinctly like a contributor who left the forum a while ago with the same level of intelligence. I know Rob Callister and I know how he has behaved whilst serving as a commissioner for Onchan, and you did not vote for him as there was not an election when he got on the board, if fact my memory of his standing is when he did not get selected in the previous election. Fact w00t.gif

That is correct.

Although in RC's defence at the end of the day it isn't his fault the entire board got in unelected?

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It is not a legit fact unless you qualify it by stating so. Fact.



Its this sort of petty bullshit that will continue to mire the Island in a sea of political mediocrity......

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Rob, you are digging yourself deeper and deeper - I'm not sure it's going to do you any good coming on here and playing tennis with people.


I remember what you used to get up to in Blackpool............but I am sure you have changed now

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Rob Callister is not a team player, he is a loose cannon and I would despair if I had to work alongside him as a commissioners, he has constantly undermined his fellow commissioners and is only using the Onchan Commissioners as a stepping stone to greater things, his ambition to be an M.H.K. has been evident from the start and he does not mind who he stands on or steps over to achieve this. I would never vote for him. online2long.gif



Anyone who really knows me personally....




I'm always a little disarmed when I hear this pretext...

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mere conjecture.. how about some facts? is he or is he not a donkey botherer?


I was just going to comment that Mr Callisters posts on this thread were not doing him any favours.


Then I seen the above comment and it gave me a right belly chuckle

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