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Bloody immigrants, coming over here, making me install dashcams to video their driving.

Quick edit of 2nd para. required - too obvious.

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Don't think so, but a quick timing against fixed points should sort any problems out to determine speed. Not even a GPS Speedo is accurate.

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Hmmm, GPS speed is fairly accurate unless you are ascending or descending a steep hill and timing between fixed points on an image might have parallax issues. I like GPS speed as you can easily see trends and spot speeds.

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I'll second the recommendation of techmoan Youtube channel. He does super in-depth tests of all the cameras. And he seems to buy a LOT of cameras.

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Is that techmoan fella Pat Condell's younger brother?


Seriously though, he does make some very valid points. I'd like to find a camera that matches the Roadhawk HD but at half the price but I'm still looking. I like it because its fairly small, has great video and sound quality, adaptable settings (so you can really turn down the g force sensor that techm complains about) a very wide angle lens without too much fish-eye and GPS. This allows continual speed overlay and moving map positioning in their video player.


I'd recommend hard wiring to the car electrics and agree that cheap SD cards are a complete waste of time. I had suffered a serious accident a year ago where someone hit me from behind doing 40 ish whilst I was stationary. The Roadhawk recorded the significant G force of the impact and the coppers could also see that my speed was 0. However the other driver's image wasn't recorded as it has no rear view capability. It would have been no fun to watch though as she was seriously injured. There's now another cheaper Roadhawk (without the GPS) in the rear screen. I suppose someone will now hit me from the side.....

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