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Flybe scumbag pilot

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Cant see what all the fuss is about really, its just a dog..they can go out and buy another one tomorrow, give it the same name and everything..sounds more like a tragic case of waterboarding training gone wrong, happens with even the most proffessional, well trained practitioners of the art ..also am relieved to note the pilot had the wherewithall to remove the tracking device following said accident, thus proving he fully compos mentis, not some on the edge maniac as some on here would seek to portray.. Id be more than happy to fly with this guy

Oddly enough I'd be quite happy to think of you flying with him at the sharp end too.


i'm glad you agree with me spook

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If I thought I could get away with it I'd do the same to my neighbours annoying fucking mutt. I don't see why a penchant for random dog murdering should disbar you from being a pilot.

I think they sometimes realise mid-flight that they are in charge of a metal tube containing hundreds of people, travelling through the air at 30,000 feet doing 500mph. They think: "Shit. What am I do

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Probably only a matter of time before one of the animal rights groups target him.

There's no lengths they won't go to when self positioned on the moral high ground.. Death threats, digging up dead relatives in the church yard (remember that?) etc etc

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Dogs just bark a lot and poop in the pavement that gets on your shoes and then in your house.


Poop sounds so warm and fuzzy. Fragrant even. It's shit. And it's all over the place, bagged and unbagged. We're all drowning in a deluge of shit.

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Don't really believe people would actually be as comfortable as they claim to be with this guy flying. If this noise was posing a threat to his performance it should have been reported, bylaws and industry procedures would have been strongly in his favour. What would happen if he'd flown, say, two busy sectors, had to make up time, didn't quite like how an ATC spoke to him and decided to act irrationally temporarily again? Would he exude stress or anger (maybe not visibly, but it could be sensed) that might intimidate a first officer to remain silent in the face of a potential danger? The Cork tragedy showed clearly what the risks are for acting out of procedures and there're plenty of other examples. The 'temporary' loss of control was also covered up, would such a person also choose to not report an important but inconsequential mistake? Much more fun to take the piss out of drowned pets though.

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