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That's not me matey.


No, you haven't got any mateys! It's you....... cool.png


He does, it is just you that has imaginary friends....and multiple accounts.


P.S You are still a twunt.

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Fall in line Dr-allcock. You can't question anything TT related unless you're anti TT and have a hidden agenda.

Was he slim-looking...?

I just found out kids of for a whopping two weeks for TT!   That is so going to eat into my beer money, what a stupid idea.

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so, mr the bastard, would it be correct to assume people suffering from this condition would be naturally inclined to seek out positions which would enable them to live out their fantasies eg watch at the more dangerous spots? become a marshall ? are marshalls tested for this condition? if not why not?

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Hey, PL, If I was going for a handjob, at least it wouldn't be to TT crash footage on Youtube, so I guess I hold a little of the moral highground here.


TSE, I don't think they test marshalls for this kind of thing, because (1) it would be easier to buy a house on the course and masturbate furiously at the window until the Police got involved, or just to live a sad, lonely existence posting road accident stories on Manx Forums for vicarious sexual gratification (2) I imagine actually trying to cause road accidents whilst supervising the race is a bit conspicuous - running on to the course and trying to hit racers with a broom and a fire extinguisher whilst wobbly-legged in the throes of orgasm would generally be frowned upon by the marshaling fraternity (3) testing everyone with the name "Marshall" would be a lot more legally and logistically difficult than testing the race marshals (note the number of "L's" there). I can't see many Marshalls agreeing with that, I'm sure that Eminem might get a bit shirty if you pressed on with your plans, and probably write an angsty piece of pseudo-rap music implicating his mother and ex-wife in your decision to begin fetish testing for certain name patterns.

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Anyway, back on topic, best of luck to Conor for the coming campaign! The Honda's getting a bit long in the tooth now, but on his day he has to be good for a win surely? Love to see the local lad on the top step of a big bike race....... cool.png



Conor looking ahead to T.T. after difficult North West 200



Illness and bad luck in Northern Ireland

Manx racing star Conor Cummins says he's optimistic ahead of T.T. 2015 despite a lack of results at the North West 200.

The Ramsey Rocket wasn't feeling well in Northern Ireland and a lack of good qualifying runs put him on the back-foot.

He says despite all that, he is confident his Honda machinery is ready to tackle the Mountain Course.

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