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Making A Website

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Thank you.

I'll probably do something on Facebook but a website is preferable and necessary, I feel, to reach those who aren't on social media.


did you look at weebly ?, it's free (with paid options for enhancements) but good to have a play with and find out how to do things, just drag and drop what you want, set it up as a personal thing to get used to, put pictures in a gallery, write a blog etc

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Thank you TOG but I was wondering about the term in relation to a website.


In this case it really just means package, you get a limited service for free unless you step up to the next package / tier of service.

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Yup .. Wix has a free service, then if you find it works for you you can move to a paid service.


As an example, Erin Art's Centre use their free service: http://erinart9.wix.com/events


While the Family Library use their paid service: http://www.familylibrary.im/family_library.html


You'll see that the free service has a banner at the bottom advertising WIX. If you want to remove this, then prices start at $8 a month (more details on pricing here: http://www.wix.com/upgrade/website )


Personally I'm not a fan of Wix, I prefer building my own sites, but if you just want something quick and temporary, nothing quite beats free :)

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