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Dogs now allowed in pubs

Zammo Maguire

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I have no wish to be eating lunch in a pub with the possiblity of dogs straining at the leash as I tuck into a steak.


Animals belong outside. Some people even have dogs running around their kitchens Yuk !

I have my dog in the kitchen because she shadows me everywhere and thst is where she has her dinner. I also have my cats in the kitchen, they eat there too. Never a problem and no dysentery!



Thing is, Toxoplasmosis can be difficult to diagnose, and asymptomatic, initially. I'm sure you worm your animals regularly but there is an inherent risk of transmission between species and humans, especially kids who are slack when it comes to hand-washing. It can cause blindness in kids.


I refuse to eat anything at my sisters because her cats run riot over her worktops, even while she's preparing food she's stroking them and doesn't wash her hands! And guess where their litter-tray is? I've seen them use it and jump straight up on the counters.


Like a lot of pet-owners, she's oblivious to the potential risks and can't understand where I'm coming-from (''They're my children you know!").




Half the world's population carry it. The link is very informative though like my sis, I'd expect most anthropomorphic pet owners would prefer not to know. Certain areas of research have linked toxoplasmosis with OCD, ADHD, schizophrenia and even suicidal behaviour in humans. As it does with rats whistling.gif , the parasites remove a rat's whistling.gif fear of the cat and even adds an attractive odour in the host cats pee to make the rat's whistling.gif actively seek out the source! It is biologically pre-disposed to being eaten and thus taking the parasite to the next stage of its continuing evolution. Around 350,000 cases a year in the UK.



Does anyone know someone on the IOM who has caught Toxoplasmosis from their animals or even heard of anyone doing so ?



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