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TV Gold - Manx Couple on Jeremy Kyle

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We pay people to sit at home and watch that kind of rubbish.   To think that the Granada Studios, over the years responsible for such productions as The Jewel in the Crown and Brideshead Revisited a

Shut up.   Shut up shut up shut up.

Not a devotee, JT, but will watch it if it is on and find myself quite absorbed.   Funny thing is, I normally catch it when I pop in to see my 83 year old Mother. I always ask her why she is watch

It obviously matters to the author of the OP or he wouldn't have referred to them as "Manx couple", even though it's now confirmed one of them is absolutely not Manx, and the jury is still out on the other one. Personally I don't care what they are, but I do care about what is true or not. If there is doubt, don't say something.


Shut up.


Shut up shut up shut up.

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How wrong can you be. The wife is as manx as you can get



Then prove it. The husband definitely isn't.




Another non-issue. What does it matter...?


To a knuckle-dragging inbred like Isaacs, it's about all he has to cling to

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Because he's got a North East English accent and his surname is Dale, which is an English surname. What more do you need?


He's not Manx, you're right. I'm sure a couple of other posters on here remember him turning up at St. Mary's 45 years or so ago.


Just to halve your hilarious vexation....

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I'm not the one who has made it an issue. The author of the OP was the one who decided to claim the couple were Manx. I personally couldn't care if they're Manx or Eskimos, but I do like people to get their facts right. But judging from the above posts, it's clear to me now I'm just being trolled, and not wanting to feed these trolls any further, I am hereby not going to waste any more of my valuable time in further discussion on the matter.

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Happy to discuss other things on the thread, though, such as the Jeremy Kyle phenomenon. What do you think it tells us about our society?

I see you can't even be trusted to fuck off

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