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Free upgrade to Windows 10?

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I would, but my seven year old HP laptop overheats during the install... Even with a desk fan pointing at it and the laptop sat on two ice packs!

It'll be a wad of dust sat in the heatsink, if you're handy with a screwdriver, you could solve it in under an hour quite happily. What happens is the dust sticks together, and ends up blocking most/all of the airflow.

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Got a new laptop with W10 as my Vista system was creaking. However I think the default W10 mailbox is pants. The Windows Mail on my Vista system does everything I want. Does anyone know of an add-on that performs like the Vista system ? Thanks.


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Thanks but the comments on this site made me think again.



Vista came installed with Windows Mail which hopefully you upgraded to Windows Live Mail. This is now branded as part of Windows Essentials. MS don't want you to use it but it works just fine on Windows 10

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I've just had a new HP desktop installed after old Acer went belly up.

Have kept with 7 after advice from my IT man who installed it including recovering everything on Acer hard drive.

He says problems with 10 are helping towards his pension as so many clients are having problems!


W10 is now very, very stable, especially with known brands such as HP. The best OS I've used in 40 years IT.

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