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Isle of Man Arsepapers more like


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FFS, is this really the best they can do for the front page of our national newspaper during one of the busiest weeks of the year for visitors? They should just rename it The Manx Daily Sport and have done.

Utter shite.


(quote from iomtoday)

"The main front page story is a bizarre tale of a man who ended up in custody for 24 hours after waving a snake at a woman"

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So, its a shit, unfunny and patronising story with no Manx connection which appeared in another newspaper a year ago?

What an utter shitrag isle of man newspapers produces. why do people advertise in it?

Fucking atrocious

If people and especially IOMG didn't advertise then the newspaper would fold - job losses! Also IOMG would lose another mouthpiece. There would also be no awards for excellence night at the Villa............ incidentally business and government will indulge in mutual backslapping - job well done. Only success matters and failure is swept under the carpet

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