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First music album or single you ever bought?

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Just heard Shakespears Sister on 3FM. I think their "Stay" single might have been the first audio cassette I bought. If not, it was a Guns & Roses album.


<I'm on the look out for decent music to listen to>

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Douglas Bay Hotel:  

Theresa Brewer........Jingle Bell Rock...............oh dear

First album I bought was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon ( and still may be the best album I have bought )

Though Proby could be over the top and melodramatic, he had a hell of voice, and he was probably one of the very few of the era who could blow Tom Jones off the stage. Proby's version of Somewhere is perhaps the definitive one. Mind you, it's a hell of a song and there are many great covers of it. I'm sorry I was a bit too young to catch his appearance here. I'll bet it was really special.

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First lp was Blondie - Parallel Lines

First 45 was Ian Dury - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

First 12" The Smiths - This Charming Man

First cassette - Echo & the Bunnymen - Ocean Rain

First cd - Elvis Costello - Get Happy


Don't remember the first mp3.

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Possibly Queen's 'The Works' on cassette. The first tape I bought with money I'd earned myself, as opposed to pocket money or birthday money, was Whitesnake's self titled 1987 album, with money I earned in sixth form marking 11-plus papers.

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