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Do you think anyone is dopey enough to believe that is really Amy?


You're on your 7th post - all in this thread so you tell me. As Ans said above. If they can't validate them they were going to take them down. They are still up. Why are you posting on here taking up space and bumping pages?

Maybe Ans could fill us in on what he has done to try to validate them. Has he phoned her?



You had better ask Ans. Suffice to say it would remain a liability issue for the forum and the mods if he didn't validate them and yet left them up. They are still up and therefore I assume they (the mods) are clearly happy with the fact that the posts are still up. I'm happy to sit and re-quote them all night in this thread if this diversionary tactic is going to go on and on?

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I bet you can't even cook

Callister's smug moon face is pretty horrendous too. From what I've seen from lurking on the IOM politics group, I think that Corrin has banned any mention of Buster's past on the basis that "it'

Oh don't worry.  I'm sure Buster will be able to cope with the embarrassment.

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Screen shots would be good as I said I am not in there so would like to see what exactly I am saying.

Come on back your self up ??? Oh yeah you can't. What you say about me really doesn't bother me with your childish insults but come on your accusing me of posting in a group back it up?? Where's your screen shots you usually have? Oh yeh you have none cause like always your talking shit

It quite concerns me that Jess professes to have kept screen shots about me staying about Ms Turner from several months back, do you keep my photos too? *shudder* go seek help!!!

ETA Until the administrators of this group stop people flinging libellous accusations which have no evidence around I really can not be bothered coming on here and exciting the trolls and giving them cheap thrills to sit home doing whatever it is they do when they get reactions they so crave. As I said I have no further interest in Manx politics my family is my focus I don't think it needs any help being tarnished it does that quite well all on its own. Leave me alone stop talking about me as you have no reason to, like Cat I have 4 very young children and you really should have more respect unless you have some bizarre obsession. Go partake in this little thing called life! I have no time to respond to your negativity anymore.

Off for a busy day yet again, hope you do not spontaneously combust with all your hate for someone it's really really quite sad


This one too. That was four pages back.

It's five pages now OMF.

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As if. It would only be a liabiltiy issue if Amy was well off like Gubay or Abrahams and could afford lawyers to get a post removed in 5 minutes flat. Amy is just a normal stay at home mum.

I'd say perhaps people interpret it as more of a care in the community mum on current performance.

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"I'm happy to sit and re-quote them all night"


You haven't re-quoted anything bad anyway. Have the bad things been edited out or are you making much ado about nothing?

You really are boring. The really bad things were edited out by the mods - because they were really bad. Disgraceful in fact. It's great that she can pull the poor stay at home mum card, whilst slagging off another poor stay at home mum in an utterly disgraceful way.

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Now I know your talking crap as i have never said anything about Eddie moderator edit. You won't post them to reveal the vile things? Moderator edit Or you just keep random screen shots from months ago on your computer for wanking material as I really see no other reason??

Bloody hell pot kettle bet you have the contents of my wheelie bin from last week as well you freak!!

Sultan of false id your wish is granted

Oh yes that's right. Three pages back they were.

Four now OMF.

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If anyone here thinks Amy would say this ...............


"I wouldn't have thought my IPhone would have corrected that but it must be as thick as me Any way must dash I've ran out of sharpies and need to get my brows on much love Amy "


................then they should probably be sterilised.

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"My family is my focusidont think it needs any helpbeing tarnishedit does that quite well on its own"

Couldnt have put it better myself.

Money can buy you titles and heirs and graces but it seldom buys you class.


and titties thumbsup.gif

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