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I've got two cars with non-working ac at the moment. The local centre want to do the usual purge, recover refrigerant and the refill stuff but this time there are extras. They are trying to sell some antibacterial treatment and are insisting on a new filter.


Is there anyone in the trade (or who has proper knowledge of this) who can verify if these extras are really necessary? If so, why? One car is 5 years old and t'other is 8. Both were working a month or two back and the ac was last regularly run a few weeks ago. On one of them, the compressor turns when the button is pushed but no cold air comes out. Not sure about the older one because it's not here atm.

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Should be easy enough to check the cabin filter yourself, can't do any harm to replace it. As for the anti bacterial, you're probably just as well spraying some into the system yourself several times. A single application at point of regassing isn't going to make much of a difference for long.

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Used KM before. Good service but this car isn't on the rock.


They start by advertising vac out & regas for 59€ which sounds ok, then this antibacterial stuff for 39€ and if it's > 4 years old which it is, you *must* have a new filter. If it's the pollen filter, our lass could change that so they won't be doing it. However it implies there's a filter in the refrigerant circuit and leads you to an online quote for your car. Did that and all in 132€ . More than double the original interest grabbing price. I think I'll just have the regas and see what happens.




A properly organised man fixes his aircon at the beginning of winter.

Correct. I'm so organised I'm doing this now for next summer. Mind you I wouldn't object to it working now as well.

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It must be the filter drier that they're replacing, it's the drying bit that's more important. If it were me, and they were recommending it, I'd probably go for it, after all, much easier to do it at that stage. They have got a cheek insisting on it though if the original price didn't include it. €39 for the bacterial spray seems a bit steep though. I wouldn't go for that.

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