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Putin's Russia and the New Cold War

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Not sure why you are pushing Stinky. It is a silly dichotomy, but if your going to insist I'd say Putin needs to go - his networks and thuggery are turning Russia into a kleptocracy. Trump understands that it is a dog-eat-dog world, but hopefully also understands the need for functioning courts and mechanisms of governance (ok the evidence is weak, but Putin has zero interest in any constraint on his power). So if you insist on a pick I'd go for Trump - I doubt it could result in anything worse. The way Russia is going Putin will still be president of Russia when he is 90.

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I don't trust our government, so I certainly don't trust anyone else's.

Quite a blinkered view of what is a complex issue wouldn't you say? Exactly the same could be said for NATO who I am sure are up to the same tricks.

Corrupt nationalistic and violent would also fit the description of America

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