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Survivor of Summerland inferno calls for memorial


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Oldmanxfella I don't understand your reply. Is anything I said wrong? That site and the word luxury do not go together. The place stinks, the waves go all the way to the other side of the road, sometimes traffic gets stopped going that way because it's dangerous during stormy weather. You'd have better look selling luxury apartments at the tower of refuge.

Go away you sad attention seeking nutter. You're not fooling anyone.



You're off your head mate.

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The morgue was St George's Church Hall, now Bar George.


I was involved on the night of the fire as I knew many people who worked there and was trying to help find and reunite them. I worked the previous summer on the roller skate rink. I was traumatised by the fire and it took me quite some time to get over it, I'm sure many local people felt the same.

It didn't stop me having good nights in the rebuilt Summerland and I wouldn't appreciate a memorial garden to remind me of something which traumatised me.

A good memorial to my mind would be another entertainment complex, I never felt that there was a sound reason for demolishing the one we had! I can only imagine that it was left to go without maintenance to justify the NSC and Villa Marina spending and then demolished to prevent competition for those venues, or rather we had no room for it any more?

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It made no sense to keep Summerland. It was forty years old and at the point where lots of money could have been thrown at it.

The NSC is a truly brilliant facility and from a sporting perspective it renders Summerland redundant. Summerland was in a poor location (in terms of it being a hub for sport) with no potential to make it any better.


It is a shame that it hasn't been redeveloped but the area itself doesn't lend it to much more than apartments or perhaps a hotel complex with some ancilliary commercial interests.


Turning the site in to some sort of memorial isn't the way forward. I'd say any new project could incorporate something of rememberance though.

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They should just sell the Summerland site to the highest bidder and let them build luxury apartments on it. As soon as possible. And spend the money on something useful for kids. Even if its just new swings in all parks around the island.

i thought it had sold?

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It's over 40 years ago. What is to be gained by putting people in a sombre reflective mood every time they go along the prom? You can't bring the people back so what is the point? I think some people want the Island to beat itself up forever over Summerland. Move on. The land is for the living.

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