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It seems that the South Koreans have been buying up huge amounts of gold, $860 million worth over the last year and reputedly have over 800 metric tons of gold in households and private vaults.

Apparently Koreans understand that owning gold historically provides protection from fiat money and central bank policy.


Will this have an impact on anything or affect other metals like silver, platinums values etc?


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The wise have been hording precious metals for some time now, when the financial system crashes later this month, or early October others will have wished they had done so also.


The interesting September is finally here, there are still a couple of weeks to stock up on storable food, being on an island that relies on food shipment wont be a pretty site...


Edit...LOL my first doom post is post number 666

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Not sure why September was so important as mentioned earlier, so I 'binged' or googled it (as you do) and saw some bits and pieces that was different.


Now either this person is making a lot of money selling books and advice or he's found something using the Hebrew Calendar called Shemitah years. Respected statistician Jeff Berwick claims that on the seventh Shemitah year, the bottom falls out on the stock market and September 15th is the next expected one. Whether this is being manipulated or not then who knows, but it has shown market drops every 7 years since the early 1900's.


Anyway, that was just checking the significance of Sep 15th although there's other interesting things goings on at the same time and the US & the Pope seem to get a few mentions, as also the possible collapse of the US trillion dollar debts.



Saw these to add onto my original starting post -

Russia boosts its gold reserves

China hiding 9,500 tonnes of gold

Turkey & India buying big as also Kazakhstan holding nearly 4 million troy ounces.


Lots of gold being saved and will this have an effect on the stocks and shares?

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It is fully planned as the last Shemitah was in 2008 and the one before that in 2001, the one in 2001 started the troubles that has escalated into the recent refugee crisis we are all talking about now, could this be used as an excuse to close all boarders prior to a planned financial crisis?


This is a Shemitah Jubilee (7x7) falling close to the last Blood Moon of the last in a tetrad of them due on the 28th September so no doubt no expense will be spared on this one..


We've had plenty of warning, every now an then they do a very much planned wealth confiscation via these "Financial vehicles" and the activities of the markets 2 weeks ago tell me that this is very much going down and is following the trend perfectly.


And then there is CERN (were looking for the big bang bollocks) and the 14 tera volts this month, its all coming together for the perfect storm in my opinion...This is why "September could be interesting"....and Gold is being hoarded by the wise...only a fool would invest in paper as this time...

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I made quite a few quid out of the old relic. Didn't quite time the top but it was well worth a dabble all the same. Might buy again when it hits the bottom, probably a while to go yet.


I don't know about this Shemitah business but Martin Armstrong, who as a fund manager had over a trillion pounds under his control and advises the China Central Bank, has been warning of this September as a turning point for a long time. There are a lot of indicators that point to sharp volatility in a lot of markets over the next few years.

Interestingly he feels there will be a dollar rally as there is no other strong currency in the world right now. Which kinda flies in the face of the U.S. Dollar 'collapse' which is being touted all over the place.

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I subscribe to his newsletter out of curiosity really but it gets too technical for me as I'm not a trader. The gist of it (I think) is that there is soon to be a crash in confidence of government debt/bonds which will send large institutional cash flowing into the stock market, mainly the U.S. market, basically the opposite of what everyone 'in the know' is predicting.

An independent film company made a movie of his life recently, as he got imprisoned by the U.S. Government in solitary confinement from 2000-2007 as he wouldn't give them the source code for his computer models.

I sometimes wish I did understand all this trading nonsense when I see some of my old peer group doing very well for themselves. But I suppose for every winner there's a dozen losers. Edited by Lxxx
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