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Things you have never done

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i have never believed a statement less than that last one

I'm thoroughbred Manx and I've never been arrested, smoke weed, snorted coke or touched up my sister. These things are on my bucket list. With the exception of my sister, she lives too far away now.

Never made a raised pork pie. So did so last week; huge it was with 1.2kg of meat in it. It was shite, sadly, but the dog has been living off it for the past week.


i've never been to space or circumnavigated the earth x

Neither has any other HONEST person, well that is a pole to pole circumnavigation anyway.....



Do you think the Earth is a tube?

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I've never stuck my tongue out on an electric fence.


What about a 9v battery to see if it's run out? Everyone's done that once.

I've done that, many times. I remember thinking twice about doing it again though when I heard that two people per year die because of it. I suspect it's bullshit however.

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