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Last Night at the Proms

The Sick Moon

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Well! Don't dwell on the blinkered ignorance of a couple of desperate dicks on Manx Forums! cool.png The Villa is hosting a celebration of our common cultural heritage, with local Manx singer Mandy Griffin leading the way at the Manx Last Night of the Proms. All the favourites to be cherished! Land of Hope and Glory! Jerusalem! Rule Brittania! Get your flags out! And wave them! I suggest a nice local triskelion flag. Or a Union Jack. Or indeed, why not make a statement of our cultural crossover and take both! cool.png Sweet.....! It's our heritage.....cool.png





"Manx Last Night of the Proms returns




Two island bands are promising a party atmosphere at this year’s Manx Last Night of the Proms.
The evening, which follows the same format as the traditional Last Night of the Proms held at the Royal Albert Hall, takes place at the Gaiety Theatre on Saturday next week (September 26).
The Manx Youth Band and Manx Concert Brass will be joined by four-times Cleveland Medal winner Mandy Griffin.
The bands’ musical director, Ian Clague, said: ‘This is one of our major concerts of the year and we look forward to welcoming regular “promenaders” and new audience members alike.
‘The players also enjoy the party atmosphere, and whilst the first half of the evening tends to have a slightly more serious feel, we all look forward to everyone singing and clapping along with the music in the second half.’
The bands will open the first half of the concert, with pieces including Franz Von Suppe’s ‘Light Cavalry’ Overture and a selection of music associated with Fred Astaire, while Mandy will perform Benjamin Britten’s ‘Cabaret Songs’.
Following the interval, the tempo and excitement continues to build towards the traditional finale.
The second half kicks off with the spirited ‘Radetzky March’ by Johann Strauss, giving the audience a chance to see if they can keep up with the band!
Rodgers and Hammerstein fans will be delighted to hear that the second half will also see Mandy rejoining the bands to perform a selection of songs from ‘The Sound Of Music’.
The audience will be encouraged to wave their flags and fly their streamers, both of which will be available on the night from the Gaiety foyer, as the party atmosphere takes over with Mandy rejoining the bands to lead the singing of traditional Proms favourites, including Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory.
The Manx Youth Band and Manx Concert Brass have been running the Manx Last Night of the Proms for over 25 years and this is the sixth year that it has been back in the Gaiety, after a short stint at the Villa Marina.
The concert begins at 7.30pm."
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I remember the tale about the organist in the Manx Legion. At the end of the night he played God Save The Queen and was accosted by some of the chaps there who insisted on O Land Of Our Birth. The organist duly obliged and played the Manx anthem. They were happy for a moment until he followed it with a repeat rendition of God Save The Queen.

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On the wine again sick f**k?



On the whine again Albert?


Seriously, fella, you need to let this obsession go. You've replied to this thread since the message you've quoted was posted. Your message adds nothing to the debate. It's not one of your crap jokes. The Sick Moon hadn't been goading you in this thread, in fact he'd ignore a bit of trolling by you on the 24th. Your post was just random abuse, it's not even banter. What did you hope to achieve?

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