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General Slowness / Unavailability

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Well at least it's there today TSM which is a vast improvement. Thanks ans and whoever else has been putting in the work.

We've obviously been having issues over the last day. Some unexplained table locks resulted in a few server restarts last night and this morning.   We've also been having database connection issues

Yeah that will be because of the time syncs. Funny side effect, if you look at the online list at the bottom there are people online from the future

Same result...2015 only. I just typed in 'government' which is a word on here that goes back to day 1 of MF :)

Search has always been limited to a number of results. Search for a less common word. Try "caustic"


This is to reduce database load. Imagine how many results would return if you searched for "then" and you had no limit.


Try better search terms.

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Is it just me or is it slow for all again, this morning? No problems with any other sites.


Took minutes to load initially and entering some threads takes longer than others.


Cheers Uni...

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