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I knew him. What a great guy he was. A gentleman. Many a great conversation in the taxi.


Got his priorities right and concentrated on what's important at the end...family.



His whole MF posts summed up by that great pic of his of Allan Bell in a deck chair in 2020. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

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How sad. I only met him at a couple of MF bashes, but he was a lovely chap with a proper twinkle in his eye. As came across in his postings, he was a humourous, intelligent, thoughtful and gentle man. TBH, MF has been a poorer place since he decided to stop posting. But, being a man of principle, he was resolute that MF was no longer the place for him and he had much better things to do and people to enjoy. Sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

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Many of the posts in this thread say they didn't know Lonan3 and it is true I never had the opportunity to shake his hand or look him in the eye.


But I knew him.


His true personality was clear in his posts. He shared himself on the forums. I knew the papers he read through the news stories he passed on giving his opinions and asking ours; and through those opinions I knew his politics and views on life. I came to know, through the forums, of his deep reading and knowledge, of his commitment to our community, of his help for young people needing stolid support, and of his humour and sense of fun.


I also came to know his passion and fire and willingness to state and defend his views and not suffer fools with unthought-out points of view.


There was a huge integrity to Lonan3.


The world is diminished in his passing.


Just his writings on this forum will leave a lasting legacy in me, and I am sure many others; and that I am sure is only one small facet of his life.


The loss must be devastating for his family and those close to him.


They, and Lonan3's humour, are in my thoughts.

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Lonan worked hard in his healthy days for the good of the taxi trade. Not that the majority of the new people in the trade would even think about that, never mind know it or appreciate it. Suffice to say if it wasn't for people like him the job would have been completely destroyed by the Government years ago. Sadly and very sorely missed he will be. A proper oldskool hero and a very bright one at that. The Taxi Trade is weaker without him that's for sure.

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Last time I saw him in person was during TT but I always enjoyed his online presence as well, especially his varied writings which were clever and a delight to read.


Not sure how long the site will still be there but it's certainly worth reading through:







We’d had one of those terrible arguments

I’m sure you'll all know what I mean…

There’s her stance here - and my stance there -

With a million miles in between.

We were driving along a country road

And not one word we spoke

Until she tried to lighten things

With a chirpy, though pointed, joke.

We were passing a putrid pig farm

When she smiled and, tight-lipped of course,

Said, “Darling… that smell seems familiar…

“Are they relatives of yours?”

I know that I should have stayed silent

But a fool never knows when to fear…

I pretended to sniff, gave a winning smile

And said, “Yes… they’re my in-laws, My Dear!”




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