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Douglas East By-election 2016

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I'm worried about his judgement, if this is an example it should be interesting the next 10 months.

Also where he says to the paper "I will use the next 10 months to connect with the people", is that it then, a 10 month election campaign paid for by us, the suffering public?

Is he actually going to do anything?

Still, someone has to keep the radio and paper busy now Quirk has vanished.



Where's slimeball quirk found to hide now?

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Great points Sultan. You can add to that our hilarious version of the House of Lords. A retirement home for failed politicians who would still quite like to receive substantial amounts of free money f

I agree with you here. Let's face it. We vote for independents and once inside they form a party (COMIN) with a block vote and a unified vision in terms of collective responsibility anyway. That is a

Lets see; it's copyright free and could be lifted from here! The fact is that currently we have a system that facilitates an elected dictatorship; where the single vision that is being delivered in Pa

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On the subject of stupid political posts I'd point out that Kate Beecroft hardly carries the nuclear button around in her handbag. Neither is Karran Force One idling on the runway at Ronaldsway pre-fuelled and ready to jet off to solve the Syrian crisis. Therefore I'm sure that Liberal Vannin can last a week or so without having to appoint an alternative leader just because Kates having a hip replacement.


Is this all Mannannans Review can find to moan about in Manx politics now?


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A few hundred went out to vote, over two thousand didn't bother, but there are over nine thousand views on here. I don't know what that says but I'm pretty sure it isn't good

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Mew mew mew... shut up.

Oh come on, 'his' attack on IOM essential oils is hilarious for its total bounce back if you read it. Fair play to the guys. I might even buy some of their essential calming balms for the way they hit back at MR for its totally over the top attack at someone who posted quite a balanced reply in relation to the Paris attacks on Facebook. Mannannan is looking like a bit of a neocon this week.

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I see that Mr. Joughin is quoted on iomtoday.com claiming that the close result was attributable to the high quality of the candidates who stood. "They all did very well". Yes, so well in fact that huge swathes of the electorate ignored them completely and didn't vote. I'm impressed that Joughin has achieved Tynwald level bullshit production after only one sitting.

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