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Conservatory 'servicing' / roof repair

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Can anyone recommend someone to look over the polycarbonate (I think) roof of a double glazed conservatory and carry out any servicing / repairs it may require?

The recent high winds appear to have shifted something and we are getting slight drips of water coming through. Given the enormous amount of rainfall we've had, its not too bad at the moment but it will only get worse.

Thank you

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Roofing wise I can recommend Joe Crook but i'm unsure if he does conservatories. I've seen dpm conservatories recommended often from friends of friends but haven't used them myself.

Joe Crook is good and long established but the company do what they are good at - roofs, ie slates and roofs, real roofs and that.

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Had my polycarbonate roof replaced with tinted glass by Spectrum Windows in Ramsey. Brilliant but not cheap at about £5k.

ohmy.png Do you live in Eden Park ?

No. Does anyone live in Eden Park?


As TJ would say, "never mind"

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Just walk down Strand Street. Some over hyped commission hungry Everest salesman now furtively hanging around outside Ann Summers looking for trade will drag you off the street soon enough and have you signed up to 5 year consumer credit agreement. You don't need a new roof panel you need every window and door in your house replacing and the conservatory knocking down and rebuilding.

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