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Distilled Water does not exist on this island.


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I'm no expert, but if you run a dehumidifier, is the water that collects not distilled water? There can be 2 or 3 litres in a day or two.


edit: just read P2 of this thread, apologies. You have already kicked that option out.

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You cant work metal on our laser cutter or drill holes/square up taps/reworks large parts. If someone would sell me a garage i would throw a pillar drill right in there. Shame there is no market for 2nd hand british machines on this island sad.png


EDIT - The laser cutter is being operated in my friends spare bedroom. I convinced my dad to let me set up a lathe in his garage after selling my motor bike but wont let me put a mill in. Just cant find a garage sad.png


This is why the Isle of Man needs maker-spaces like in America, where locals can use a common workshop with lots of machining and technical facilities. But on the Isle of Man where even the most crumbling shack is apparently a "development opportunity" for freeloading hovel-builders and commands unrealistic value, it's not likely.


The court house in Ramsey would have been an interesting option. But apparently someone sold it.....



Currently involved in a project that's looking to put together a FabLab in some factory space we have access to. We're still building partitions, etc; so haven't got any equipment in, but yeah, hopefully should have a maker-space like facility available on-island. Pictures showing what we have in mind on the Code Club website here: http://codeclub.im/2015/10/of-paintboxes-and-fablabs/

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Are you adding pure ethylene glycol or the proper cooling stuff with corrosion inhibitors in it?



The pure stuff, some think using ordinary car anti freeze is okay, but that is often coloured and can effect the laser beam.


I have run one laser tube for 18 months with glycol in the water without any problems.


I use proper water chiller units which run 24/7. A lot of lasers you buy through places like eBay just come with a fish tank pump and you are expected to use a bucket of water, not ideal.

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