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The War in Syria - ISIS et al


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"Tortured by Syrian extremists 'who received UK aid'

The extremist Syrian group Nour al-Din al-Zinki took funds through a UK-backed foreign aid project, a BBC Panorama investigation has found.

Taxpayers' money was diverted to Zinki via the Free Syrian Police scheme.

The government has suspended funding while it investigates the allegations."


So were they good guy extremists or bad guys extremists?

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"Adam Smith International (ASI), the British company that runs the project, said it had managed taxpayers' money “effectively to confront terrorism”."

UK Government give ASI money, ASI gives the money to the Free Syrian Police (FSP) and FSP gives it to Nour al-Din al-Zinki.

Its okay though, the UK isn't the only Government funding Nour al-Din al-Zinki, turns out the Spams were at it as well:


"Fighters from a US-backed Syrian militant group have been filmed brutally beheading a child as young as 11. 

The video captures Nour al-Din al-Zenki fighters in the back of a truck with a child they claim is an al-Quds soldier supporting Assad's Syrian forces.

One of the fighters shouts 'Allahu Akbar' meaning 'God is great' after taking a small knife to the boy's throat and cutting off his head in the Palesinian refugee Handarat Camp in Northern Aleppo."


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9 minutes ago, mojomonkey said:

Are you talking about the UK's foreign aid money? 


Isn't that done through this lot - https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-international-development/about

when the hurricanes hit a few month ago on uk overseas territories, the uk was told it couldn't spend foreign aid money on helping rebuild, as i said its some agency in france that dictates how its spent.... 

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