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Donald Trump


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If you'll care to take the time to read proper news sources and from all sides instead of just the distorted hit pieces put out by leftist media, you'll see he is talking sense.


If you liken that to Europe you currently have borderless countries where people can move around without any registration of where they are. And that goes for anyone, not one specific section of people.

It's dangerous.

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The man is clearly stupid and says stupid things but the baying on social media to ban him from the UK is unwarranted. He should be invited and then challenged on live tv.


I think he's best ignored now. He's been given so much rope by the media that he's slowly hanging himself anyway.


His revolting views on almost everything are matched only by the bleached shellacked cow pat he sports on his head.

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There will be many millions of Yanks who'll whole-heartedly agree with Trump and feel the same paranoia about immigration and the burgeoning influence of islam on the United states world. It is both predictable and laughable that the Lefties are pissing themselves and labelling him a racist and islamophobe, even raising a petiton,with the call to ban him for the same reasons they have banned Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer and others who're considered to be contoversial when it comes to immigration and islam.




Trump's statement will start an uncomfortable discussion that needs to be had, not only in the US but the rest of the world.

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Had Hitchens lived, I've no doubt they'd have tried to ban him from re-entering the UK as well.


Nothing Trump has said has been anti-Muslim at all. It's just the leftist pro-Democrat media have been taking him out of context to make him look bad. It's a typical tactic, no doubt to distract us from Obama's war crimes and Hillary's involvement in the Benghazi massacre (oh, and her hubby's prolific raping of women).

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