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1 hour ago, quilp said:

The mother bled to death, still alive when the baby was excised, her death wasn't immediate and maybe part of her realising what was happening. That's a horror story right there... 

I think It's probably fair to say that every one off the victims and their family of those murdered by people on death row is horrifying. I 'm just not sure that executing them is the right answer, especially as Trump seems to think it is. 

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That's why I said everything. The woman who's just been legally killed by the Trump regime had a terrible life before she committed her horrendous crime. It's absolutely awful, every single bit of it.

There's a stat I can't be bothered looking up again, but it was along the lines of 'the federal government has executed more people in the last year than it had in the previous 20' (check accuracy before sharing)

Law and order.

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