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Donald Trump


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Is Trumpism a cult? As you said, America is jam-packed with cults, to an extent that it can be socially problematic. That's how easy Trump attracted so many followers and led to the scenario it has now with Trumpism. Here's a ten-minute video which gives an insight into how Trump became the divisive phenomenon we see now and the problems it has raised. The cult of Trumpism isn't going to disappear any time soon...

It can only get worse before it gets better. 


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As we speak there'll be wagon trains of Trump cultists heading up to the deep woods and the dark swamplands of America. They'll be taking tools with them, high powered hunting rifles, bibles, and flags to start all over. They'll build cabins in the woods, set up training camps, schoolrooms for their children, places of worship, and places to store the ammunition. They'll elect their leaders. They will tabulate their grievances. Their motto will be E Pluribus Dumb.

We've not heard the last of the Trump. 

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8 hours ago, somewhatdamaged said:

I'm not so sure.  Mitch apparently HATES him, and i don't know what he has to lose by voting to impeach.  Graham and Cruz etc won't of course, saying it will "divide the country".  Like they ever gave a shit about that before....

Moscow Mitch hates him because the Donald keeps banging on about election fraud and an investigation would show apparently some of the votes in Mitch's own state are very dubious, enough to kick him out if r/politics is correct.

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