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Donald Trump


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7 minutes ago, the stinking enigma said:

He must have run out of lawyers by now surely. Only a john wright/barry stevens dreamteam could possibly save him now.

I recently watched coverage of Rudy Giuliani pre-addressing the mob just before Trumpy's address that lit the touchpaper.

IMHO, Giuliani is as culpable as Trump for what happened. Rousing the mob with statements like, "We choose trial by combat" were designed to fan the flames before Trump's address.

What Giuliani was doing siding with Trump is anybody's guess. I wonder if he'll ever get paid...?

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Is Donald Trump using Fascist anti-Semitic messaging?

Watch this recording of a video played to rile up the crowd just before the Capitol riot:


And then read this account of it showing the continual references to Jews and elites bringing down the glorious leader:



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